Friday, February 18, 2011

Let the People Choose

Becoming a writer has seemed like an unattainable dream for a very long time. With several finished books and a whole stack of rejection letters and e mails I have begun to think that I will never see my book for sale and that no one outside of my family and writing groups will ever read my work.

I believe I go through the same self doubt about my quality of work that other writers go through but I have persisted. I have gotten great reviews from friends, family and other writers but I still wonder if they are just being polite. When I came across several websites about indie authors I discovered this whole world of writers that weren't waiting around for publishers and agents to pick their book out of a stack of books and decide that it was the one. They were putting their books out there and letting the public decide if it was good or not.

So after much consideration I have decided that I am no longer going to wait around for an agent or publisher to pick me. I am going to put my books out there and let the people decide. I will post excerpts and synopses here on my blog as well as links to where my book will be available.
So fingers crossed, here goes nothing. And please if you like my book or even if you hate it, come back and give me a review, feedback is always welcome.

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