Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Forum Opinion

So following the advice of fellow writers I have been taking an active role in the forum community. I have found several that I like and follow regularly so I would like to share that new found wisdom with others out there in radio land.

My first and favorite forum is absolute write. The forum topics are varied and people are always quick to jump in and give their two cents. Writers can post query letters of pieces of writing and others will give editing help or critique. They are always kind to newcomers and super helpful. The "board" games are a fun way to dip your toe in the water and get to know people.

As a romance writer I also enjoy the All About Romance forum. If you ever have a Question about romance, that is the place to ask it. Boy do they know their stuff! The only down side to that forum is there is no new post link that just shows you the new postings so to keep up with all of the forums you have to go into each category. This forum isn't as active as Absolute but defiantly worth the time.

The third and final board I have been chatting on is Kindle Boards. I have limited myself to 3 for the time being until I get the hang of the process :) These forums are great for Kindle owners there is tons of helpful stuff there. Also it is great place for talking about books, any kind of books. People are well read and love reading.

I have just strted on Writing Forums and Writers Beat but haven't had enough time to form a full opinion so I'll keep everyone posted. Also if there are other writers or readers out there that have forum that they enjoy I would love to hear about them.

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