Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chosen by Light

Chosen by Light now Available!!!
It took infinitely longer than I thought it would to finish this book but it was well worth the extra effort. I am super excited to release this one and I hope everyone likes it. Here is the synopsys:

Della St. James tries to ignore the secrets that have haunted her since childhood, and has done pretty well so far. Then she takes a job in the wilds of Oregon, or as close to the wilds as a New York girl can get. She hopes the little town of Cougar Creek holds some small piece of her parents who died when she was just a girl. Before she can even begin her first day at work she is plunged into a world of magic beyond anything she could have ever imagined by a family she never knew she had. When her life and her new family are threatened by a dark force she must embrace her magic and hunt down the dark witch set on destroying her. And as if that wasn't enough to deal with she has to enlist the help of a surly, exasperating Adonis of a man named Uriel Mason; who just so happens to have some secret of his own.

And the cover:
 Chosen by Light is available in e reader on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Thanks for following and I look forward to any and all feedback. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

White Magic, Green Desire Now Available

White Magic, Green Desire is now available on all major EReader websites. I am super excited about this book and I hope that everyone loves it. Please be sure to leave a review wherever you purchase the book or contact me with comments. Thanks so much to all the people who have supported me with the Midnight Series, it has been great getting to know everyone and chatting about writing.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally A New Release

I have been sadly absent from my blog as of late. I have been working on several projects and finally I have finished a new book that I am super excited about. White Magic, Green Desire is the first in the Cami Gregory, Witchy Cleaning novella series. Cami is a regular girl who stumbles into a witchy secret, all while trying not to spill anything on any of the surprisingly abundant, surprisingly hot, surprisingly interested men in her life.

White Magic, Green Desire will be available later this week. I hope everyone enjoys it and please be sure and give reviews wherever you purchase the book.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Latest Release

I have released through my imprint Pink Phoenix Press, my first middle grade/ young adult fantasy. It is called Medallion of Protection. I am very excited about it. It has been completed for some time but I have been fine tuning it for a while trying to get it ready. It is a fantastic story full of adventure and magic and I hope that kids and teens will like it. You can find out more on the Medallion page. For now here is a shot of the cover and the synopsis.

For Alexandra Raeanne Maeheart life could not be more perfect; or more boring. Growing up in a small town has left Lexi yearning for some sort of excitement. On the day of her fifteenth birthday she walks home from school contemplating her dull existence and discovers a medallion at the edge of her yard. 
Before she knows what is happening she finds herself stranded in a forest that is unlike anything she has ever seen. As she searches for help and answers she discovers that she is no longer on Earth but has been transported to Kalara; A world of magic controlled by a dark sorcerer, Lord Braxton, who intends to conquer all of Kalara and destroy Earth.
The only power great enough to stop Lord Braxton is the Light of Kalara, which has been broken into four medallions and hidden by a magical Druid named Morana. Without even a chance to catch her breath Lexi is informed that she is the Chosen One and must find the medallions. As she tries to understand why she was chosen for this seemingly impossible task she discovers that her life on Earth isn’t exactly what she thought it was.
Along with her friends Jaxa and Kelton and her tiny dragon Toto, she is sent back to Earth to find the second medallion; the Medallion of Life. The Druids warned her that Earth would be different but when she arrives on her home planet she cannot believe her eyes. Earth is no longer the boring normal planet she grew up on. It is a world full of magic, mythical creatures and danger. As she struggles to find a balance she must outrun Braxton’s dark assassin, outwit a fairy queen and navigate a strange but familiar world.
Will Lexi find the medallions before Braxton’s evil forces find her? Will she be able to escape the fairy realm with the information she needs? Will she have a place to call home if she survives her adventure? Find out in Lexi Maeheart: Medallion of Protection.     

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introducing My New Cover

After much debate, arguments with self and crying tantrums I have decided to change my cover. Before I published my book I went through several (as in a billion) different cover ideas and finally settled on the first one. I published with it and was quite happy. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized that the cover says nothing about the book being a historical and therefore I was missing a rather important part of the book. So I have created a new cover which I am very happy with and hope all of my 3 readers ;) will enjoy. As always I would love any comments or feedback. So without further delay I bring you the second and hopefully final cover for Pursuit of Midnight.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Indie Book Review Sites

So I have been working diligently at getting my book reviewed by book review sites and book bloggers. One major hurdle that I have run into is that a lot of these sites do not review indie authors or eReader books. So in my valiant search I have come across some helpful sites that I would like to share with other self-pubbed authors. Below you will find links to sites that list reviewers of indie books and e books. You will still have to do some searching to discover if they accept your genre but I have found a polite contact form or e mail can get you far. At present I have requested 30 sites do reviews and 11 have agreed. Of the other 19 sites, 2 sent polite replies saying they were too busy and the other 17 simply did not respond. I am feeling pretty good about these numbers so if you have better luck than me don't tell me as you may burst my happy bubble :)

The Indie Book Blog Database- This site is a must visit. There are tons and tons of blogging sites listed and they are separated by genre. The link is to the romance section but you should be able to easily navigate to any section. FANTASTIC!

Step by Step Self Publishing- This site is great but takes a ton of time to sort through and find ones that are relevant to your genre.

100 best blogs-This one is sorted by genre but there are only a few for each, but totally worth checking out.

The Indie Reviewers List- Ok, this one has genre listed but I would double check because I found several that were wrong. Also some of the sites were no longer active so I think perhaps it has been a while sense this was updated. Again totally worth checking out.

*Edit* (I forgot to add this one) Once Upon a Romance- This site lists specific sites that do reviews of romance books. You will have to check with each about e reader and indie reviews but its a good one for my romance buddies out there.

So those are the best links I have found. One last tip I have is this: in your web browser create a folder in your bookmarks called 'reviews requested' (or something along those lines) and bookmark every site you have requested a review from. It would suck to be requesting reviews from the same sites over and over (for them and for you). It puts an easy access list right at your fingertips while you are browsing sites to request from.

I hope this has been helpful and as always please feel free to drop me a note or comment with any tips, comments, or links to add.