Magic of Light Series

Chosen by Light (Magic of Light, Della St.James)

In a dark garage, in a shadowy basement, or even as you move across your bedroom at night; you feel something watching you. A chill race’s up your spine and an unexplained fear begins to race in your chest. You know that it’s illogical, that there is no danger lurking in the dark waiting to pounce. But you race for safety anyways; your irrational fear driving you to the safety of the light or the security of your bed. Reaching your goal you take a breath and shake your head, knowing how foolish it all was, berating yourself for acting like a scared child.
There is a small part of your brain that whispers, what if? As you’ve grown older you have learned to ignore this voice but your body reacts anyways. What if your fears are driven by something real? Motivated by something that we no longer have the ability to recognize, a vision we have lost as we moved from the innocence of childhood into the logical thinking adults that we are. 
What if there is some kind of evil lurking in the darkness. Its goal unknown, it’s very presence hidden by some kind of powerful force beyond our understanding. What happens if the darkness breaks free and acts, if it is suddenly able to reach out from the shadows and take from us what it has been longing to possess?

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