Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is There an End to the Madness???

For the last several days I have been reading countless blogs and websites by indie authors and publishers with advice about publishing you e book yourself. When I first decided to publish myself I thought, ok its gonna be a lot of work but I can totally do it. But now- don't get me wrong, I still think I can do it I am just questioning the sanity of my decision.

Not only that but I am wondering who's advice I should follow and what really is the path to success. Every site and blog has something different to offer. Some suggest steps that are guaranteed to work or have lead them to some measure of success. While I believe that all of these things can be helpful there aren't enough hours in the day for me to accomplish them all.

So how do I know which things to do and which can be bypassed? I suppose it is just a game of trial and error, so I am plunging into the pond head first and praying that there are no boulders hidden in the murky depths.

On a plus note I am only days away from publishing my first book, Pursuit of Midnight and I am totally excited. I realize that I will probably not have a single sale for a long time but just the fact that I am taking that step and getting it out there and available is beyond amazing. Now I am just praying that people don't hate it :)

I have been working on the cover art for a few weeks and I think that worries me more than anything else. Everything I have read emphasizes how important the cover of your book is in the E Reader market. That tiny little thumbnail image has to capture readers with a single glance. How the heck am I supposed to do that??

As a result of my panic I have created about 20 covers and I now am torn between thinking they all suck one day, then deciding they are all so magnificent I couldn't possibly choose one the next day. What is an author to do??

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