Sunday, April 10, 2011

Public Domain Photos and Where to Find Them

So I am in the process of creating covers for my second historical romance that is due to come out next month as well as the paranormal that will be following shortly after. This process is one that I find personally taxing and extremely stressful. The worst thing you can do is have a horrid cover! So in my plight for the perfect cover image for my books I have been scouring the internet and forums in search of sites that have public domain photos for free.

I have discovered that this is a much more difficult task than I have ever anticipated as most sites want to charge you per photo. I have decided to share my wealth of knowledge with my fellow indie writers. Below you will find a grand total of 3, yes that's right 3 links to sites I enjoy (use). So it is not exactly a wealth of knowledge but it is useful and I feel like sharing today.

So here they are:

Public Domain Pictures: this site has a menagerie of images and such but you have to stay above the line or they are pay images. It is clearly marked which section is free and which is paid.

Morgue File: I have not had as much time with this site but so far its lookin good. 

Creative Commons: In this site there are some rules. I have linked to the handy rules page and from there you are free to browse. Some images are free to use while others are not.

So there they are, my contribution for the day. I am always looking for new sites with free pics as I have book trailers to consider as well as covers. If you have any sites you enjoy please feel free to leave a comment and I would happily add to my list.


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