Monday, March 7, 2011

The Most Terrifying Thing

As a newly published author I think the most terrifying aspect of this whole ordeal is the review. My book has only been out for a few days and I am into the double digits in sales but I have yet to get my first customer review and I am growing more and more anxious. In order for my book to do well I know that I need to get good reviews by customers and book review blogs. I swear I'll try not to cry if the first review is bad and pray that the second one will be better. I also promise not to cry if it is good (well maybe I will). So my fingers are crossed and whoever the first reviewer is I just ask that you be kind, I want honesty but not brutality.

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  1. Hey Sharon.

    First, I just wanted to thank you for posting in my blog post @:

    But about your concerns with reviews, it can take a while before any reviews come in. You can try following up with people who bought your book via email, or you can give free review compies (in ebook form) to reputable people in your niche.

    Good luck!